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"I have just been looking through your index and it is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much.  I had no idea how much skill there was in an index, but seeing it done on my own writing for the very first time, I am totally gobsmacked at your grasp of the content and how people might search for that information. I will never look at an index in the same way again. What an unsung bunch of truly talented artists you indexers are!"

     -- Gerry Pyves, author of Touching Trauma

"This looks AMAZING! You are AMAZING!  . . .  Thank you again, the index is really, really good."

  -- Hugh L. Brady, University of Texas School of Law, author of The Orangebook: Texas Rules of Legislative Form

“After just a brief introductory phone call with Maria, I had an almost overwhelming sense that she had the intelligence, perception, and most importantly the intuition to make an index that would be even better than I knew I wanted. As I was waiting for her to complete the work, I would sometimes make mental notes of the unusual entries that meant the most to me… entries that I never expected her to include. When she was finished, every entry I had been worried about was there—with the perfect selection of subentries and cross references. She captured the essence my life’s work, in my own words, in ways that I myself could never imagine organizing. My 464-page book—a book that took me over four years to write—can be understood by simply scanning her index in under an hour. Amazing! Thank you, Maria, for your brilliant work!”

     -- Dave Monette, author of The Calculus of Life: A Practical Guide to Transcendence

"You’ve done a superb job on the index, and I can’t thank you enough! I could never have done anything close to it. I see how this is a specialty that requires someone with your expertise. I will never be a pro se indexer! . . . Many, many thanks for doing such a fine job under a tight deadline."

     -- Jona Goldschmidt, Professor Emeritus, Loyola University Chicago, author of Self-Representation: Law, Ethics, and Policy

"Thanks Maria...You are the eighth Wonder of the World!"

  -- Bennie Clark Allen, Project Editor, SAGE Publications

"I had never hired an indexer, and Maria expertly guided me through the process.  Bottom line: the work was fantastic, especially given that I had a manuscript replete with names, titles and citations.  Her expertise in my book's topic areas was especially valuable.  Perhaps what I appreciated most was Maria's time management and calendar flexibility that were vital in expediting my book's production and release."

     -- Joseph Russomanno, Professor, Arizona State University, author of The "Stench" of Politics: Polarization and Worldview on the Supreme Court

"Maria has been a joy to work with! Whenever I contacted her, she responded promptly and always answered my questions thoroughly. She exudes confidence and timeliness and is a true professional. I highly recommend her!!"

  -- Cheryl Mussatto, project manager for The Ultimate MANual, Dr. Samadi’s Guide To Men’s Health And Wellness

"Thanks so much Maria.  You have been as awesome on this as I remembered from the last time."

  -- Liah Rose, Macmillan Publishing Solutions

"Maria's attention to detail is impeccable, and she takes the time to ask questions to ensure that she fully understands your needs and preferences. This level of care is evident in the quality of the index she produces, which is accurate, comprehensive, and easy to navigate. Maria's dedication to her craft is truly outstanding, and it's clear that she takes great pride in her work...Overall, I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. She is a true professional who is skilled, meticulous, and a pleasure to work with. If you need an indexer who will go above and beyond to ensure that your book is indexed to perfection, Maria is the person for the job!"

     -- Najib Al Chamaa, author of Necessitating Change: A Practical Guide to Self-Actualization

"This is fantastic work.  I do appreciate all of the time you spent on this challenging index."

  -- Juliana Nykolaiszyn, Oklahoma State University, Head of Digital Resources and Discovery Services

"Masterful work, really.  Thank you."

  -- Scott Hogan, Saltwrap, author of Built from Broken

"I could tell from my first contact with Maria that she was exactly what I was looking for - a very experienced and professional indexer. As a first-time author, she understood that timetables change and she was very accommodating as long as I kept her updated. She completed my index in between projects and finished it very quickly since my book was under 50K words. She also pointed out a few errata that she found in my manuscript. I can't recommend her enough. If you plan to publish a non-fiction book, an index is a must. Consider hiring Maria!"

  -- Diana Watson, author of The Speaking Seed: Secrets to Successful Foreign Language Public Speaking

"Wow!  You're very good . . . Just want to thank you again for an indexing job very well done.  You are very thorough and exacting."

  -- Ross Eberman, Carpe Diem Books

"Wow, thank you so much for your wonderful work Maria. I really appreciate you for the great index as well as delivering it in a wonderful time-frame. Maria is a mesmerizing indexer and I highly recommend her."

  -- George Araman, author of the Grey Dance of Love: Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Love That Lasts 

"Maria -- it was a real pleasure working with you, and we are quite pleased with the indexes that you did for us.  I appreciate your taking the time to think through what would be the most useful for the index users who, of course, are unfamiliar with the subject matter and technical terms.  I hope that we can work with you again."

  -- Barbara A. Lee, Rutgers University, Co-Author of The Law of Higher Education, 4th Edition Student Edition    

"Maria did an outstanding job indexing my book. She was thorough and consistent, and I was very pleased with the outcome. She also did a great job in accommodating several unexpected delays in getting the final manuscript to her. I would use Maria again in a heartbeat, and recommend her without qualification."

  -- Kurt Krauss, author of Corporate Goad: Case Studies in Transformational Change

"Maria created an index for my book A Fine Line: How Most American Kids Are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools. She worked fast and beat the original deadline. And she communicated with me throughout the process. I'm so glad that I made the decision to hire a professional indexer...and especially to hire Maria."

  -- Tim DeRoche, author of A Fine Line: How Most American Kids Are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools

"Maria's work is consistently praised by our PMs. She is reliable and great to work with. I'm always confident Maria will deliver high-quality indexes."

  -- Maggie Casper, Editorial Manager, MPS North America

"I partnered with Maria for the past five years during our leadership of the American Society for Indexing, Legal Indexing Special Interest Group. The words that come to mind in describing Maria's work are: 100% reliable, excellent problem-solver, precise analytical acumen, extremely cooperative in addition to bringing a positive attitude to everything she does. We've worked on a few legal indexing projects together and she brought all of these same strengths to bear on our collaborative projects. I can recommend Maria very highly!"

  -- Mary Harper, Access Points Indexing

"Excellent, Maria.  Thank you so much!  I always appreciate how clean your indexes are.  Makes my job much easier."

  -- Tracy Buyan, Senior Project Editor, SAGE Publications